2nd Radical Bookfair in Hamburg coming closer — Radical Bookfair Hamburg

With only 6 weeks to go until the 2nd Bookfair in Hamburg will take place we’re announcing some of the publishers and collectives that will be coming to the Bookfair. Please note that we still have space for stalls and time for workshops, so if you want to get involved with the bookfair, there is still time […]

über 2nd Radical Bookfair in Hamburg coming closer — Radical Bookfair Hamburg


Aid Delivery Mission (AidDM)

I am an independent volunteer, I don’t get paid and I cook for the people.
Since we arrived here, 3 months ago, we have cooked more than 500.000 hot meals, we have distributed thousands of tents, sleeping bags and blankets, masses of dry food and vital information. We have been the emotional support and the humanity of Idomeni. All of this is thanks to the people who believe in us, supporting us with donations, and the people who know that the governments and the NGOs are not doing what they should.

Aid Delivery Mission


read more about Theo Collective support for AidDM:




Update – Theo Collective supports AidDM

Happily(!!!) we just donated all the cash that we got in by ‘selling’ our last Theo 2016 agendas to Aid Delivery Mission .
It is not a fortune, but any cent helps?!!

Still copies left, still happy to give them away for some $€- donation that we directly forward to AidDM.

Big thanx to the ones supporting Theo Collective and Aid Delivery Mission, and an even bigger (huge!) thanx to all the folks who are out there helping, at the borders, at the sea, anywhere where it is needed!

You are truly amazing!!



Theo Collective supports Aid Delivery Mission


———-Theo Collective supports Aid Delivery Mission———-


Theo Zwei Null Eins Sechs (our handmade diy paper agenda for 2016) is almost sold out. We’ve got 20 copies left of our limited edition (216). We want YOU to have it, and the money you pay for it to help out where it is needed! 20 Theos x 20€ (or more…) does not solve any crisis, but it can at least support the folks who are voluntarily working hard to feed and help the refugees!

Aid Delivery Mission @ Idomeni

Check out



for more info about AidDM, keep updated, help out, donate, travel to Greece if you can…
and drop us a line for your Theo agenda:


Apu & Thekla

Theo Collective meets FSK from Hamburg

Hamburg based free radio FSK (Freies Sender Kombinat) is publishing it’s monthly programme in a small zine called


after creating the cover artwork in 03/2014…


…Apu from Theo Collective had the opportunity to do it again for the recent february issue!

There you go!


you can read/download the transmitter here

or get it in print version in a lot of different locations in and around Hamburg!

support free and independent radio!

Theo Collective loves FSK!