happy new year!

The 2015 organizers

( Theo Collective)

are enjoying being part of their new owner’s lives:

thanx a lot everyone who purchased one;

at the beginning of the new year we are almost sold-out!

Very last issues still available..


new handmade organizer “Zwei Null Eins Fünf”

our new handmade organizer, pocket size, for 2015

100% handmade with lots of love
44 copies left
22 euros
get one before your new year starts?!

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Update – December 4, 2014

Eins Fünf Null!

We just got order Nr. 150 in!

65 more copies of the new Theo still in stock til we are sold out.

If you want to make sure you get your copy, better drop us a line now: theobeam(at)riseup.net


Theo Workshop #1 @ OCCII in Amsterdam

Thekla says:

One day, seven very unique diaries.

Colourful, handmade, with a personal touch of every single binder. I like the one, where May comes before April the most!

Thanx y’all for this really nice sunday!
Zwei Null Eins Fünf, we are ready to start!


Theo Workshop #1 @ Eschenhof/Hamburg

Hamburg, 23-11-2014:

14 hands bound 7 Theo Zwei Null Eins Fünf in approximately … 6 hours. great first bind-it-yourself- workshop, with lots of ah’s and oh’s, high concentration levels, warm tea, a special birthday cake (mmmhm), lots of smiling and results, that definitly don’t fall apart and look great!