Theo Collective meets FSK from Hamburg

Hamburg based free radio FSK (Freies Sender Kombinat) is publishing it’s monthly programme in a small zine called


after creating the cover artwork in 03/2014…


…Apu from Theo Collective had the opportunity to do it again for the recent february issue!

There you go!


you can read/download the transmitter here

or get it in print version in a lot of different locations in and around Hamburg!

support free and independent radio!

Theo Collective loves FSK!


dedicated to XCLUSIVX fanzine from germany

the wonderful people from XclusivX fanzine (southern germany)

left one blank page in their recent stunning issue #5


and they wrote:

“[…] in case you wondered, what to do with the blank page inside the zine: fill it with your ideas…show us your words, songs, pictures and send us a pic on facebook, via Email or post it on instagram using #xclusivx // we we are so curious what you make of it! […]”


Apu (me) from Theo Collective (who used to do some cover artwork for XclusivX fanzine some time ago…) decided to do some collage artwork to fill the blank page with life…

so that’s how the story goes….



Apu 01/2016

update for new Theo agenda 2016

Dear all….
nobody is perfect, hee,
so I finally found THE mistake in the new edition of our Theo agenda 2016:

on every double page there is the Week Nr written in the upper right corner, there should be 52 in 2016.
Somehow while making the layout, it happend that I am starting one too end of december til the 3rd of january should be week Nr 53 of the old year. Week 1 starts on january 4th (til the 10th). Until Week 40 (end of september) the Week counting is one too early. By mistake Week 40 made it twice into the agenda, and from that point on, the Week counting is right again!

So….for folks who do use the week counting (1-52), please just scribble your own week numbering in the upper right corner… Besides that, all dates and weeks and weekends are as they should be…

Sorry for that!

Theo Collective supports ADM Amsterdam

Happy to announce:

Theo Collective is going to donate the full €-amount of 10 Theo Zwei Null Eins Sechs (2016) Agenda to ADM to help out with the legal costs!
Theo is born on ADM,–the limited editions are handmade in a workshop on the terrain– ADM is where our heart beats

So order a copy now, mail to theo(at),
costs: 22€ (plus evtl shipping costs)

support your local squat!
and sign the ADM petition:

new Theo agenda 2016 – preview !

‘who owns the world?’ she asks with bright green eyes.
  I do refrain-
too old, too wise, what can I say? but hush- not lie:
‘we are living in a material world…’
  I pause- she cries:
‘it’s not fair! folks die!’
oh courageous little girl! I know too well, what’s on your mind!
so small&pure&still
she grows up, but ill
in this dryland
where the poor climb high mountains
of low self-esteem
on top of rich man’s waste of time.
(excerpt of poem written for the new Theo diary 2016)

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the world is upside down… difficult to stay positive & strong & to believe that we humans will create a better future.
make sure you stay strong within yourself, so you can help those who are in need.
create & share good vibes & make our lives more colourful, even if your actions just reach a tiny part of this huge world. slowly it will spread….

Theo Collective creates a little piece of art every year, a pocket-size diary, hand bound & filled with collages & writing by us, the two members of the collective. With the limited edition of 216 agendas, we try to create some space& time for people.

‘fill in the emptyness with your own parties, celebrations, with things that are important & special to you! fill it with music, theatre, festival, art, travels, activism, with gardening, cooking, dancing, fill the space with knowledge, courage & some crazyness, with fighting against a system that wants to steal your time—-and claim it! make it your own, take care of it & share it with your friends, family & lovers!’

agenda’s are now in the making. you can still order one by dropping us a line to our mailaddress: theo(at)

Thekla & Apu

Theo Collective Amsterdam//Bad Oldesloe