(bad) news from Theo collective

after 7 years of diy-publishing our Theo Agenda we are going to take a break.

Sorry folks, no Theo Zwei Null Eins Neun…

Apu & me had a rough year, Theo (production) asks lots of love, attention, time & energy that is not there or needs to be put into other projects & struggles now.

Theo’s home ADM Amsterdam is likely to be evicted end of december: stay updated about our fight:

WE WILL BE BACK! So find another lovely DIY paper agenda for next year, but don’t forget us!

Thanx everyone for your love for the work we do, for all help, support, positive thoughts and words, for your little money (please, you last lost souls that havent payed the last edition, do before the year ends) and all the helping hands & happy faces!

xx Theo Collective, Thekla & Apu



Fabian Maddison & Ztratila Se Kocka @ Gärtnerhof Oldendorf

hej folks, here you got some impressions from the wonderful bonfire concert with

Fabian Maddison (https://fabianmaddison.bandcamp.com/album/broken-banjostrings-hymens-and-hearts) & Ztratila Se Kocka (https://soundcloud.com/antheazdem)

at our CSA organic farm Gärtnerhof Oldendorf near Bremen/Germany on June 5th 2018


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Apu // Theo Collective

bonfire concert at CSA organic farm Gärtnerhof Oldendorf

next tuesday 5th,  I’m hostin’ a bonfire concert at our CSA organic farm Gärtnerhof Oldendorf, near Bremen/Germany.

Fabian Maddison & Ztratila Se Kocka are playin’ a sweet little live gig before they play Anarcho Folk Fest 2018 (https://afolkfest.wordpress.com/) at ADM/Amsterdam (https://adm.amsterdam/)

Fabian Maddison is a solo musician from the UK.  A multi instrumentalist Fabian combines old and new mixing traditional American old time and bluegrass with modern politics and themes in his own original songs.

As an experienced and well traveled performer with firm roots in the DIY punk and acoustic scene Fabian has toured extensively across the UK, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia even striking out as far and Australia and Southeast Asia in 2017. This relentless touring schedule has left a well rounded musician perfectly at home on a festival stage, a packed out club or a pub or squat floor.

Fabian Maddison is more than your average solo musician, you will find more than just songs designed to please teenagers and record labels here! This is one man, a shit tonne of energy, stories of the the modern traveling man, love, corn liquor and the DIY ethos!
Grab a jar and get that foot stomping!”


Ztratila Se Kocka

“Solo performance with an accordion, Dharkordeon, flesh, chanson, screams. Texts about love, life, squats, travels, feminism, anarchy….”


Apu // Theo Collective

Street Sheet issue “April Fools 2018”

…and again we’re happy like little kids to be part of a stunning new issue of

Street Sheet/SF (http://www.streetsheet.org/) !


you can read/download the recent issue here:


feel free to support this wonderful publication independently published by the Coalition on Homelessness since 1989

“For You. A fearless Pirate fighting for the rights of all drowning Souls out in the stormy Seas. Thank you.” 💚


Apu & The // Theo Collective

Theo Collective meets Street Sheet/SF

hej friends, yesterday I made a new stunning contact for further projects regarding my collage artwork.

the wonderful Quiver Watts works as the editor for the San Francisco based homeless newspaper Street Sheet (independently published by the Coalition on Homelessness since 1989). it’s a pleasure and an honour for me to be part of this great publication with some of my collages that address topics like housing crisis/shortage, repression, homelessness, gentrification, queer solidarity…

if you are following our Theo Collective output for a while, you know for sure, that we’re trying to support other social and political projects a lot and that we do love to initiate solidarity projects.

so here we have a wonderful possibility for a coop between our Theo Collective and Street Sheet from SF 💚

if you want to start a solidarity project yourself, don’t hesitate, take action! it’s not that difficult 😀 and you can always contact us if you want to do a coop project, if you have an idea or a wish for solidarity artwork…feel free to contact me or our Theo Collective !

so…now I’ll close with the foreword of our latest Theo Collective pocket agenda: “For You. A fearless Pirate fighting for the rights of all drowning Souls out in the stormy Seas. Thank you.” 💚

…and keep in mind to listen to Quivers band Wayfairy (https://wayfairy.bandcamp.com/) 😎 music for the heart!

thanx for readin’!

Apu // Theo Collective & The Feral Branches Zine

XclusivX fanzine no. 10

…and again a stunning new issue of XclusivX Fanzine arrived today 😎 no. 10! congrats for issue anniversary to all people from XclusivX crew 💚

in no.10 you can read about Hard To Port, Little Rainbow Sanctuary, Wayside Ghost, https://faim.bandcamp.com and a lot more…

thanks again to XclusivX Fanzine for 10 wonderful issues and it was a pleasure for me to be part of some of your issues in the last years 💚 hope to see XclusivX soon back on the streets!

Ludlow – Destroy What Destroys You (review from Taos News)

some time ago I created the cover artwork for Ludlows 💚 recent album “Destroy What Destroys You” that was released May 1, 2017.

last week Jesse Moya from Taos News published a wonderful album review on the Taos News website http://taosnews.com/st…/whats-spinning-remember-ludlow,45711 and it is a pleasure to read it and to see my artwork travelin’ around the world 💚

you can get Ludlows recent release at their bandcamp https://ludlowmassacre.bandcamp.com/