Hey ho here is The-o!

I have been silent for a while! Yes! Because I have been really really busy! With what? Creating some time for you! Yehaaaa!

That means: thinking, dreaming, searching for inspiration,

copying, cutting, glueing,

drawing, organizing, writing,

folding, pressing, sewing,

…, …, …,

oh yes, and lots of biking! talking to the printer (Stencil Kelder Amsterdam, my hero!)! talking to myself (getting the inner monologue with my split personality is very important and inspiring!)! listening to music! eating chocolate! and and and…..
BUT! I am ALMOST FINISHED! I can already sense the new year, Zwei Null Eins Drei is waiting around the corner to pop up in our lives and make it exciting again. And so is the organizer, that will bring you and me through next year!

PLEASE! be patient for a little little bit longer, just a bit more of sewing, a bit more of glueing, a bit more of my time before you get your time….

and to make waiting a bit more fun: be the big brother (or sister) watching me!


6 thoughts on “working progress (or: work in process?!)

  1. Reblogged this on X artpunkart X and commented:

    dear friends of
    X artpunkart X and THEO,

    our new project (Zwei Null Eins Drei – the organizer for 2013) is taking some big and nice steps forward!
    here are some impressions of the production process: have fun!


  2. Het ziet er echt mooi uit, mijn complimenten. Ik wacht in spanning op mijn eigen Zwei Null Eins Drei!
    Maar wie is die witte op foto nummer zeven? En lukt het om te naaien als die in de buurt is? Hij ligt wel heel rustig, maar schijn bedriegt! Mijn kat zaliger ging er vroeger in een onbewaakt ogenblik wel eens met de draad vandoor, boekje op de grond en dan moest ik zoeken naar de naald die ook ergens op de grond belandde.

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