Zwei Null Eins Drei is finished and out!!!!Yehaaaaa!!

allmost half! just now nr 100 left the house…

There are (unglaubliche) 9 (nine, neun, negen,..) copies left (101 sold!) for anyone who hasnt had the chance yet to get one! Drop Theo a line on
For everybody in and around Hamburg, our favorite shop auf der Insel,



Black Ferry
Fährstraße 56
21107 Hamburg

Montag bis Samstag von 12 bis 18 Uhr)

is also still selling some of my handmade agendas! So get your own copy, or a present for someone you really like, now! End of the year is almost there!


And:Thanks to all of you who baught a copy(or 2, or 3,or 4,or 5, Fährstrasse you are the best!) and support me and my project, without you this wouldnt have happend a second time!

— I wish you a very happy new year!—–

IMG_1098I am off now, taking a break after loads of work, but I will definitly see you back for Zwei Null Eins Vier!!




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