‘We might be dead by tomorrow…’

What serious words to start the introduction of the new years’ organizer!

But hey, no! It is a beautiful song, playing in my head over and over again while I am working hard on creating some time for you! Yes indeed! Hard work! Hand work! I call this: Passion!

A new year! I hope you had a good last one! Looking at my copy of Zwei Null Eins Zwei… I am… quite satisfied!

It shouts at me:

Look Theo! Your year: it has been wonderfully chaotic, dirty, busy, you have been out in storm and rain and, warmed yourself in front of the woodburner, had some lovely coffee, some delicious food.

It literally tells me that, coz I probably never ever had such a dirty, used, scratched paper organizer in my life!


When I flip through it, I must confess: I did a lot!

And a lot happend to me! And well, i also planned a lot, that didnt happen…BUT!

My year has been quite full of adventures, I ve been out into the world, active. I have been homey.

I have been very high and very low. And I tried my very best to get a routine in my life, (but yeah..all I got was a chaotic daily life that changed every week…).

I do realize, though, I spent way too less time together with my good friends and family. Oh no! Time flies! And that reminds me of the people I lost, oooooh how I miss them!

But! See? The little funny faces scratched with pencil on that paper: happy days! And the little hearts inside, they do remind me of days full of love…


‘So let’s love fully

And lets’s love loud

Let’s love now

‘Cause soon enough we’ll die…’

I havent changed the world, though!

But… with all the little thoughts I had, with all the little steps I made… I have been, at least, trying!

And I drew and wrote it on a paper, my plan, how to save the world, and I carry it around, wherever I go, so I know:

I am heading into the right direction: towards a beautiful, pleasurable, sustainable world where people are free!

So here is what is happening next!

Zwei Null Eins Drei is ready to take off!

I am gonna build a sailing boat and sail over to the other side of the ocean to see all my friends I havent seen for years! I am gonna sleepwalk more, I think that might be exciting! I am going to lose my phone and never find it back! I am going to write a 800pages thick novel! I am gonna build a pond in my garden and fill it up with water from the sea, so I have the ocean right outside my window! I am going to create absurd compositions to be played on instruments I will build myself, to find a new melody in life!

I am gonna ask you more often: how are you?!

And I am gonna tell you more often: I love you.

I am gonna rock n roll and make jam from berries that I have plantes myself. I am gonna find a treasure and hide one myself. I am gonna draw a map for somebody that got lost, to share some of my favorite spots in life. I am gonna be the voyeur sitting at the window watching all the cameras till they run away, scared.

I am gonna be out there!

I am gonna be ZWEI NULL EINS DREI!

And you, what will your new year look like??

All the best! Yours, Theo


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