Summer is over! We are busy! And from now on you can order the (oldschool, handmade, diy) THEO agenda (yes, made from paper!) for next year! Yippiiiieee!

Hello dear all—
welcome back! (I hope your agendas are all still alive, happy&full of exciting events!)
for those who don’t know me yet, I am Theo.

Well, actually I am a small collective of 2 people (Thekla & Apu), living and working in Oldendorf & Amsterdam. But sometimes the two of us just merge together…..Apu is really into cutting & glueing & rearranging and creates great collages, Thekla finds her passion in the bookbindingworld… a perfect base for collaborative projects! Together we have been publishing our own  paper year-organizers for 2 years now (small edition, all sewn by hand), and with lots of passion&love we are working on a new copy for 2014!

Have a look at our blog for some more infos about what we do (Theo Tauschrausch, Theo Stützrad-Aktion, Theo Tagebuch) & photos of Theo Zwei Null Eins Drei and Theo Zwei Null Eins Zwei!


If you are interested in getting your own handmade agenda for 2014, we are happy to put you on our list!

Early birds,
if you order now, til  18th of october, you can reserve your copy& a special earlybird-silkscreened bag  with a Theo collage on it for 20 €*!

Birds, you have time to write your email til 20th of october, same price, beautiful agenda.
Late birds, there will be the possibility to get Theo Zwei Null Eins Vier copies in our favorite shop in Hamburg (Black Ferry in Wilhelmsburg)& Amsterdam (tba), from december on, still limited edition, gone is gone.
Very late birds, you have to wait for Theo Zwei Null Eins Fünf, because we really just produce as many as we get asked for in advance— it is hard work, hand work, we cant make more than we can make!

To order is simple and works like this:
please send us an email (to: theo(at) with the subject: Theo Order 2014, your name, how many agendas
so for example: Theo Order 2014, Thekla, 2
or: Theo Order 2014, Apu, 1

Enough, it is your turn now! We are, well, -I am-, off, and into printing & sewing….

Yours sincerely, Theo

*If there are any questions about the price, please contact us. We wish we could still work donation-based, like we did the past 2 years, but we have to be honest that we can’t afford that anymore. Any extra donation (coins, bills, stamps, help with folding,cutting,…, chocolat, tea, firewood,…)  is for sure still very welcome! If it should be the case, that you decide against getting an agenda just because you can not afford it either—please contact us aswell—experiences showed that we always find a solution!

We are two, and together we are Theo.
We walk, bike, jump and dance.
We listen and we speak out.
We travel and we are at home.
We draw and paint and cut and glue and sew.
We create.
And we really like it.

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