zwei null eins vier—–we are almost here!!

ok, short update:

the handwork is a lot of hand work and my hands work a lot and……. puuuuuuhhhhh
i know i am late! but still almost on time!

please be patient with me, this is the plan:

folks living in germoney: the agendas will be spread in the days between xmas and new years (all ppl around Hamburg: we let you know!). if it needs to be send: post goes out in the days after xmas

folks living far away (australia,portugal, usa, uk, switzerland… ja ja ja great, Theo is conquering the world), we are going to ship the agendas also after the xmas days, hope they will arrive quickly& without damage…!

lieve mense in belgie, you might be lucky, I try to send them out in the coming days!

en beste buren (ADM!), all peeps in Amsterdam….I am sorry to tell you that… but you might have to wait until the first week of january! But you can always come by and have a tea or coffee with me, bring me some chocolate or fruits and give me hands n arms n back a good massage….

(oh,perfect timing for saying thankyouuuuuuu: to all the Theo supporters (buying, advertising our project!), to the person donating 1 m³ (!!!) of wood, so the atelier is always (!!!) warm n cozy on the long workingdays (best donation ever…), to the drivers helping out with car&time, when the bicycle couldnt hold the masses of paper anymore, to my bookbinding collegue for sharing her space when big (oldschool) machinery was needed, to the friend bringing chocolate, cakes& cooking dinner to keep the energy flowing, to my personal secretary, my brother & inspiration Apu, to the chilean sun & smiles & energies,  and to you, for all the happy words of all of you —  DANKESCHÖÖÖÖÖNNNN!!!)

oh and: that I am not perfectly in time doesnt mean that I dont have energy anymore: tell your friends&family, there are still copies out on the market! and:
from today on, the Theo agenda Zwei Null Eins Vier is also availeble at these stores in Amsterdam:
Boekie Woekie
Het Fort van Sjakoo
Boekhandel Pampus
and at the GWA, Grafisch Werkcentrum Amsterdam

hiep hiep hoeraaaa!

Thekla— for Theo


dont you worry: everybody gets an invoice, so just wait with paying until all the details are in your mailbox!!


We are two, and together we are Theo.
We walk, bike, jump and dance.
We listen and we speak out.
We travel and we are at home.
We draw and paint and cut and glue and sew.
We create.
And we really like it.

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