Thekla from Theo collective writes:

Together with my neighbour Bep I have been working on a small publication about our work- and livingspace ADM Cultural Freehaven the last 2 weeks . Thanks to Bep’s and others good writing, some great photo footage of Arthur de Smidt (, Dominique Panhuysen, Vladmimir Miloradovic and more as well as some great comic art by Toy Box (, we achieved to self publish a satisfying and informative booklet to hand out on our Open Day last weekend. The most thanks goes out to the ADM community itself: what an inspiring place to live and work!
The booklet is a full ADM production: thought of, written, edited, printed and hand-bound on ADM.
There are more issues in the making. While waiting for it, please sign the online petition to support ADM, as all of us living and creating there are summoned to court and threatened to be evicted.…/Burgemeester_van_Amsterdam_Ebe…/…

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you can download the booklet here:


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