dear friends of Theo Collective,

this year has been quite full of excitement (some positive, some a bit more troublesome) and…. making the decision – if there is enough time and energy for the production of a new Theo edition- was very difficult…

but yes! there will be a Theo ‘Zwei Null Eins Sieben’!

we’re happy to start our (late) pre-order period for the comin’ Theo agenda ‘ZNES’ —-NOW!!

ATTENTION!!! —-> be quick with your order this time, as there will be just as many copies made as ordered! no extras this year, probably none in any shops. <—- ATTENTION!!!


please send us asap a mail to


with the followin’ pieces of information:

your name/number of copies you wish to order/your postal address

same procedure as the previous years…:

costs per agenda: 22€ plus shipping costs, you will receive the payment details after your order!

(folks in northern germany & Amsterdam: possibility for pick up & personal exchange!)

and please be patient… the whole Theo project is absolutely hand-made– collages, texts, layout, binding….orders & shipping, — give us some time— and we will give you a whole 2017!

and: thank you! without all of you, we would not be doing this great work!

Apu & Thekla // Theo Collective

please forward this message to anyone you know who wants one as well!

for more info about us, the project & the previous issues check out:


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