Just a short introduction!
We are a (very) small collective

(2 people, Thekla & Apu, joined together under the name Theo)

working in the field of art & crafts, realizing our own projects and self publishing what we do.

Apu is a collage artist & organic gardener/farmer and Thekla is a trained bookbinder.

Under the name Theo, we work on projects that trigger our passion, all is diy, self made, hand bound, not perfect, but made with lots of love. Theo gives us a voice in this world & our works may be described as beautiful, but also have a touch of roughness, alternative & radical influence. The world is not perfect, and changes can already emerge from a small collage, a few words, a little book.

Our main project is publishing our hand bound Theo pocket agenda every year, for the past 8 years now. Hand bound and in a small edition. Next to that we sell some postcards & books with Apu’s collages, give workshops & support good projects if we have some leftover money.

You want to know more about what we are doin’ ?

Follow our blog:


or contact us:


Yours Theo


~anarchic creativity since 2011~


Instagram: apu_sometree


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