Theo Collective & Soaring Scavengers skoolie project

yay…sooo nice to be a creative part of Soaring Scavengers bus project overseas

with one of our Theo Collective postcards!

 Apu – Theo Collective💚💛❤️ Soaring Scavengers

Apu // Theo Collective


Riot Tea Club issue 2 & Theo Collective

yay…now I got my own print issue!

it was an awesome opportunity to be part of Riot Tea Club issue 2 with my collage artwork and some additional info about our Theo Collective…

THX again soooo much and a BIG shout out to these nice people in Vienna (I really like this city btw!) … and don’t miss the next XclusivX Fanzine issue!! there’ll be an detailed interview with Riot Tea Club !!

Apu – Theo Collective ❤️💛💚 Riot Tea Club, XclusivX Fanzine and of course Okapi_Riot Zine!

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Apu // Theo Collective