Riot Tea Club Zines 1 & 2 (now at bandcamp)

good news

– now you can download the digital copies of the Riot Tea Club zines no. 1 & 2 (issue 2 featuring some text and artwork from Apu – Theo Collective)

on the bandcamp page !

feel free to make a donation to support the wonderful people from Riot Tea Club Vienna!

Apu (Apu – Theo Collective)


Apu (Theo Collective) meets Punx Against Trump!


it was a really nice opportunity to do the cover artwork for Punx Against Trump! benefit compilation

and to support two great projects with my creativity…

proceeds goin’ directly to The Trans Assistance Project and The Trevor Project

the album is free to download but please consider making a contribution…

pls show some solidarity with this great project!

~ with love and rage ~
Apu (from Theo Collective)

!!! solidarity call for ADM/Amsterdam !!!


last year our Theo Collective already asked for your help to support cultural free haven ADM in Amsterdam:

ADM,the place I (Theo Collective) was born, where I live and work is threatened to be evicted– after 18 years of living and building up a cultural free-haven in Amsterdam.

ADM is where I get my inspiration from and where all of my words are born, where I am created, made and spread into the world.

The last 5 Theo Agenda editions where fully hand-made on this terrein, so the whole Theo project wouldn’t exist without ADM.

Please support our fight for existence, autonomous places for art, crafts and culture are needed in this world!

keep updated in our support group on FB @WE are ADM and


nowadays need for support is more topical than ever!

The future of the ADM is currently looking rather bleak, because the mayor and his aldermen did send a letter recently to the city council (on October 11th. 2016) where they agree to:
– issue a permit to clear-cut all the trees INSIDE the fence
– issue a permit for the shipyard by Koole Maritme BV
Furthermore they say:
– we’re not allowed to live on the ADM, now or in the future
– there’s no other place within Amsterdam for the ADM now, or in the future
You can support us by signing our petition which asks the mayor to save the ADM:
-> This letter is published in the BLOG-section of our website:…/mayor-and-his-aldermen-decided-not-…

pls show some support & solidarity and spread the message!

ADM is livin’ and workin’ space for a lot of wonderful people (included Thekla from our Theo Collective)…ADM is where our heart beats! support your local squat! ADM BLIJFT!

– Apu & Thekla (from Theo Collective)