Okapi Riot Vol. 5

Okapi Riot Issue V

featuring my

solidarity #collage #artwork

Apu // Theo Collective (Twitter: @Apu_sometree & Instagram: @apu_sometree)

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JOY. The Fruit Tree, Vol. 4

such a pleasure to be part of this wonderful project again

this time with my collages “companions”, “owl” and “the dance”.
thanks so much for your trust and your creative energy

you can get your print copy here: https://www.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/8338519/dd415ff316ddbfa4f4c985dedf177cfea4fe1ba0

see my contribution to BEAUTY. The Fruit Tree, Vol. 3 here: https://www.blurb.com/b/9504374-beauty


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“Thrown Out” by Apu

The Habitat issue of Postscript Magazine is out now!

thanks a lot for the opportunity to be part of this stunning issue with my collage artwork 💚

it was a pleasure to support this project!

Apu // Theo Collective


Thrown Out

Apu is a 36 year old queer non-binary punk, organic gardener/farmer and collage diy artist workin’ and livin’ on a organic seed breeding farm near Bremen/northern germany. She’s creatin’ collage artwork for more than 18 years now (doin’ a lot of coops with zines, bands, solidarity projects, collectives…) and is part of a small diy art collective named Theo Collective.

“Under the name Theo, we work on projects that trigger our passion, all is diy, self made, hand bound, not perfect, but made with lots of love. Theo gives us a voice in this world & our works may be described as beautiful, but also have a touch of roughness, alternative & radical influence. The world is not perfect, and changes can already emerge from a small collage, a few words, a little book.
Our main project is publishing our hand bound Theo pocket agenda every year, for…

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