“Did You Get That Book?”

“Did You Get That Book?”

– I’ve been a bit creative these days and contributed a new mural for the Inihaus library,

based on one of my collages from 2016

– THX Inihaus collective for this nice opportunity!

💚 Apu // Theo Collective

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Rest In Power “The Country Grind”

…so I got the news that The Country Grind is dead now because of different reasons

…so from time to time I’ll post here on our blog https://theobeam.wordpress.com the collage artwork I submitted for The Country Grind issue 10 (unfortunately the one that’ll not be published anymore)…

THX to everyone involved in the past The Country Grind issues

….it was a stunning and inspiring project!

Rest In Power!

💚 Apu // Theo Collective

Theo Collective meets Wutzrock Festival 2017

Theo Collective meets Wutzrock Festival 2017

some impressions from our stall and exhibition yesterday at Wutzrock Festival 2017 in Hamburg/Germany

(with a lot of nice stuff from our Collective as well as from wonderful Okapi_Riot Zine, Riot Tea Club Zine, Ausschlafen/Hakenschlagen Zine…

– THX again @ all people from Politzelt initiative for the great opportunity to be part of Wutzrock once again! 💚

Apu // Theo Collective

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Theo Collective interview in Ausschlafen / Hakenschlagen zine #1


last year Marco did an awesome interview with us two (Thekla & Apu) from Theo Collective based in Amsterdam/Netherlands and Northern Germany

we had the wonderful opportunity to answer all of Marco’s stunning questions and now the #1 of Ausschlafen / Hakenschlagen zine is published and you’ll have the opportunity to read all about the Theo Collective’s past, present and future!

you’re welcome to dive deep into our Theo universe and check out our roots at wonderful free space ADM Amsterdam, where our collective was born in 2011… ADM BLIFT!!

read about our roots, our techniques, our passion, our political statements and inspirations….

feel welcome to meet us, your friendly Theo Collective, in Ausschlafen / Hakenschlagen #1

…and of course get some more awesome stuff and infos about Gouge Away, SHE36 – girls fixed gear group in berlin, God Mother and Goolagoon

if you want to get your personal issue of this zine, feel free to write Marco at ausschlafen@riseup.net or contact us, or even get your zine at one of our stalls…next time at Wutzrock Festival 2017 in Hamburg/Germany !!

Theo Collective 💚 YOU !

Apu // Theo Collective

Riot Tea Club issue 2 & Theo Collective

yay…now I got my own print issue!

it was an awesome opportunity to be part of Riot Tea Club issue 2 with my collage artwork and some additional info about our Theo Collective…

THX again soooo much and a BIG shout out to these nice people in Vienna (I really like this city btw!) … and don’t miss the next XclusivX Fanzine issue!! there’ll be an detailed interview with Riot Tea Club !!

Theo Collective ❤️💛💚 Riot Tea Club, XclusivX Fanzine and of course Okapi_Riot Zine!

read more zines & support DIY subculture!

Apu // Theo Collective