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yay…it’s 2016 and our collective is 5 years old now!

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Thank you!

Radical Bookfair Hamburg

We want to say thanks to everyone who came to the bookfair and contributed to lively discussions, to everyone who helped in any way (shifts, donations, cooking, carrying and cleaning stuff, building up and down etc. etc.) and to all the stalls, workshop holders, artists and bands! 2016s Radical Bookfair was great for us as a collective, we hope you all felt the same!

Of course, the Radical Bookfair weeks are not yet over, as the Collective Book Exhibition in Gängeviertel/Fabrique will be open until this Friday, and we’ll have two more talks (also in Gängeviertel Fabrique) on the 14th (tomorrow!) and the final concluding workshop on Friday, June 17th. See you there or at the next bookfair!

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Programmhefte/Program leaflets in Hamburg

Radical Bookfair Hamburg

Physical copies of our program leaflets are available in Hamburg at the following places:
An folgenden Orten in Hamburg liegt ab sofort unser Programmheft aus:

For those of you who are not in Hamburg, you can also download the booklet and print it at home:
Wer nicht in Hamburg ist, kann sich das Heft aber auch hier runterladen und selber ausdrucken:

Radical Bookfair Hamburg Program

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Anarchist Library “Die Sturmflut” at Radical Bookfair 2016

Radical Bookfair Hamburg

Anarchist library “Die Sturmflut” will bring a selection of their books and a couple of easy chairs, so make yourself at home and who knows? maybe it’s possible to read Emma Goldmanns autobiography in just two days time!


On Sunday afternoon (around 3PM), “Die Sturmflut” will bring their literary evening (usually held in LiZ) to the Radical Bookfair: the idea is to share the idea of freedom in the form of radical literature by having short readings/book presentations chosen by the participants (you!). And as it is Sunday afternoon, why not have some cake with that? If you would like to read a text or present a book, write a short mail to the library collective, or just turn up on time! The only condition is that the text has to have a subversive core or a link to anti-authoritarian ideas or struggles.

You can write the…

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Theo Collective @ Radical Bookfair Hamburg 2016

you are invited to

visit our workshop on saturday, june 11th

3:00 – 5:00 PM
Bind your own Radical Bookfair notebook
Theo Collective –

Do it yourself!

Bind your own Radical Bookfair notebook. With infos, tips and tricks about bookbinding and doing it yourself. Participants limited to 15 persons. Registration at the THEO-stall in the big hall. Donation for costs of material requested.

& to visit our THEO-stall in the big hall

at Rote Flora/Hamburg !


Radical Bookfair Hamburg 2016