solidarity artwork (from the archives)

in the last years I created some solidarity artwork for different stunning projects, initiatives & topics…

ADM Amsterdam, XclusivX Fanzine, Freies Sender Kombinat, The Country Grind, Aid Delivery Mission, Theaterstraat, samen uit de as herrijzen, Kodiak Tattoo,

so here’s a selection…have fun💚

Apu // Theo Collective & The Feral Branches Zine

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Rest In Power “The Country Grind”

…so I got the news that The Country Grind is dead now because of different reasons

…so from time to time I’ll post here on our blog the collage artwork I submitted for The Country Grind issue 10 (unfortunately the one that’ll not be published anymore)…

THX to everyone involved in the past The Country Grind issues

….it was a stunning and inspiring project!

Rest In Power!

💚 Apu // Theo Collective