Theo Collective meets Radical Bookfair Leipzig 2016

some impressions from

radical bookfair Leipzig 2016 hosted at trailer park Rhizomia


radical bookfair Leipzig 2016 was absolutely stunning!

massive thx to

Rhizomia bookfair orga crew, all participants and the wonderful visitors

all of you made this event memorable !

see ya next year!

yours Apu (from Theo Collective)

working progress (or: work in process?!)

Hey ho here is The-o!

I have been silent for a while! Yes! Because I have been really really busy! With what? Creating some time for you! Yehaaaa!

That means: thinking, dreaming, searching for inspiration,

copying, cutting, glueing,

drawing, organizing, writing,

folding, pressing, sewing,

…, …, …,

oh yes, and lots of biking! talking to the printer (Stencil Kelder Amsterdam, my hero!)! talking to myself (getting the inner monologue with my split personality is very important and inspiring!)! listening to music! eating chocolate! and and and…..
BUT! I am ALMOST FINISHED! I can already sense the new year, Zwei Null Eins Drei is waiting around the corner to pop up in our lives and make it exciting again. And so is the organizer, that will bring you and me through next year!

PLEASE! be patient for a little little bit longer, just a bit more of sewing, a bit more of glueing, a bit more of my time before you get your time….

and to make waiting a bit more fun: be the big brother (or sister) watching me!