impressions from ADM/Amsterdam

impressions from cultural free-haven ADM/Amsterdam

partly homebase of our Theo Collective

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Theo Collective @ Radical Bookfair Hamburg 2016

you are invited to

visit our workshop on saturday, june 11th

3:00 – 5:00 PM
Bind your own Radical Bookfair notebook
Theo Collective –

Do it yourself!

Bind your own Radical Bookfair notebook. With infos, tips and tricks about bookbinding and doing it yourself. Participants limited to 15 persons. Registration at the THEO-stall in the big hall. Donation for costs of material requested.

& to visit our THEO-stall in the big hall

at Rote Flora/Hamburg !


Radical Bookfair Hamburg 2016



Update – Theo Collective supports AidDM

Happily(!!!) we just donated all the cash that we got in by ‘selling’ our last Theo 2016 agendas to Aid Delivery Mission .
It is not a fortune, but any cent helps?!!

Still copies left, still happy to give them away for some $€- donation that we directly forward to AidDM.

Big thanx to the ones supporting Theo Collective and Aid Delivery Mission, and an even bigger (huge!) thanx to all the folks who are out there helping, at the borders, at the sea, anywhere where it is needed!

You are truly amazing!!


Theo Collective supports Aid Delivery Mission


———-Theo Collective supports Aid Delivery Mission———-


Theo Zwei Null Eins Sechs (our handmade diy paper agenda for 2016) is almost sold out. We’ve got 20 copies left of our limited edition (216). We want YOU to have it, and the money you pay for it to help out where it is needed! 20 Theos x 20€ (or more…) does not solve any crisis, but it can at least support the folks who are voluntarily working hard to feed and help the refugees!

Aid Delivery Mission @ Idomeni

Check out

for more info about AidDM, keep updated, help out, donate, travel to Greece if you can…
and drop us a line for your Theo agenda:


Apu & Thekla

update for new Theo agenda 2016

Dear all….
nobody is perfect, hee,
so I finally found THE mistake in the new edition of our Theo agenda 2016:

on every double page there is the Week Nr written in the upper right corner, there should be 52 in 2016.
Somehow while making the layout, it happend that I am starting one too end of december til the 3rd of january should be week Nr 53 of the old year. Week 1 starts on january 4th (til the 10th). Until Week 40 (end of september) the Week counting is one too early. By mistake Week 40 made it twice into the agenda, and from that point on, the Week counting is right again!

So….for folks who do use the week counting (1-52), please just scribble your own week numbering in the upper right corner… Besides that, all dates and weeks and weekends are as they should be…

Sorry for that!